Five For Friday Google & Social Media Update 29th Sept 2017

Here is our Five For Friday for 29 September 2017:

As of January 2018 Google chrome will block autoplay videos with sound.  Google claim this will help ‘clean up the web’ but others interpret it as a move to ‘further solidify Google’s monopoly’ on web advertising.  This move will adversely affect any of you that advertise with non-Google online platforms such as NZME –

A number of you export your commodities to other countries and are also using YouTube as part of your marketing strategy.  This article in Social Media Examiner will show you ‘how to expand your reach and influence on YouTube by optimising your videos for viewers who speak different languages’ –

Once again there has been a change with Google’s local search results.  This article gives some background about how Google filters search results for local businesses and how the new algorithm will affect your business.  This article is definitely worth reading if you do not understand why you do/don’t rank locally for certain search terms –

Researchers at Victoria University have revealed a new Google-built artificial intelligence software that has been trained to recognise the different calls of threatened native birds.  It is hoped that in the future, acoustic monitoring will be useful to better understand NZ’s unique fauna, including identifying the location & visiting frequency of these threatened birds outside protected areas –
Story of the week. We have heard a lot about electric cars being the answer to car emission pollution, but did you know just 16 of the largest shipping vessels produce the same emissions as all the planet’s cars put together!  As a result, companies are looking at ways to reduce shipping pollution using ‘smarter ships’ that are controlled remotely & fully electric,  Check out the story here –

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