Google, SEO & Social Media Update – Five For Friday 18 Aug 2017

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Mobile friendly websites are highlighted once again with Facebook’s latest algorithm update, organic search is still the main driver of website traffic & how you can leverage the seasons to for your business – read that and more Google & SEO news in Online Advantage’s latest Five for Friday for 18 August 2017:


Facebook’s latest News Feed algorithm update, announced earlier this week, will reduce the reach of posts which link to websites that are not optimised for mobile viewing (note our recent posts about Google also favouring mobile friendly sites). Here’s a full rundown from Social Media Today –


“Most business owners are affected by seasonality to some degree, whether you’re a retailer who sees a spike in business before the holidays or the owner of bed & breakfast who sees an increase in bookings during the summer months, your business is likely going to see an ebb and flow based on the time of year.  While most business owners hate to see a slowdown, if you plan accordingly you can leverage the fluctuations in your business to your advantage.”  Here are 6 ways to leverage seasonality to your advantage –


Due to the increasing use of technology by customers, retailers and service providers that don’t embrace technology will soon be at a major disadvantage.  This Harvard Business Review article explains how small businesses can increase their digital capabilities –


Despite the dominance of Google ads, organic search is still one of the most important customer acquisition channels bringing in anywhere from 10 to 60 percent of your overall website traffic.  Here are five common ways e-commerce sites can accidentally hurt or loose their Google organic search rankings –


Video of the week:  Researchers at Stanford have developed an inflatable robot that grows like a vine & can slither into tight spaces.  It is thought it could be useful during search and rescue missions, among many other things, check out the amazing video here –



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