Five for Friday SEO & Social Media Update, June 9

photo of phone for online advantage blog june 9

Here are your five for Friday for this week

 According to a recent study, 80 percent of marketing leaders say that AI will “revolutionise” marketing by 2020, fuelled by demand for personalised consumer experiences. This article explains this phenomenon and how AI is disrupting major industries –

 According to a recent survey conducted by the e-commerce management platform Narvar, 95 percent of online shoppers polled said they would shop again with a retailer that provided a satisfactory return experience. And 82 percent of the survey participants who had already returned an item to a retailer confirmed they were repeat shoppers of the store.  Read more about their findings here –

 If you haven’t already tried it, Facebook live is a great way to get brand exposure. We suggest giving it a go next time you attend an expo, have a new product launch, open a new show home etc.  If your looking for ideas to help you broadcast more often this article suggests three creative ways to use Facebook Live –

 This article about backing up data online is very relevant given the recent online hacking scare.  If you use online services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud etc there is no guarantee your files are safe.  We suggest you read this article for some ideas on how to backup your online files –

Video of the week – McDonald’s is a fast-growing business that needs to recruit a lot of young people every year.  To get in front of their target audience their  Macca’s Australia have turned Snapchat into their biggest recruitment channel. All applicants have to do is activate a Snapchat lens from recruitment ads, put the McDonald’s crew hat and name badge on them (virtually) and send a 10 second “snaplication” telling McDonald’s why they wanted to apply for a job at Macca’s –


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