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Online Advantage’s Five For Friday for week ending June 2nd:

Google is actively rolling out featured snippets for a wide variety of search queries because they want to serve quicker answers to people. A Featured Snippet (otherwise called Answer Box) is a brief answer to a user’s search query, which is displayed on top of Google search results. It is extracted from one of the top-ranking pages for that search query and includes that page’s title and URL.  International IT company Ahrefs collected enough data to carry out substantial research of featured snippets and share the following findings –


You would have read on the news that Google is cracking down on “fake news” ever since the Trump election debacle (posting false results at the top of search).  Fake news & misleading or abusive answers are Google’s biggest ever search quality crisis.  Last month we saw them launch a coordinated effort to address the problem with a combination of technology, policy, and people changes.  Read their official blog about the issue & plan of attack here –


YouTube is essentially a search engine for videos & like Google it too uses a sophisticated ranking algorithm to show content to viewers.  If you want to gain a following and rank your videos higher in YouTube search, uploading fresh content is extremely important along with choosing the right keywords when you add a description.  This article explains how to glean keyword insights from your competitors  to increase the chances of your videos showing up in YouTube’s search results  –


We frequently talk about Google’s local search listings in our five for Friday, and we can’t emphasis enough how imporant these are to local SEO.  The 2 basic rules are: make sure your local listing is accurate & complete; earning reviews and responding to them.  This is a really great article about how to do both of these, and why it is important –

If you have experienced average or negative reviews this article explains how you should respond to a review online –


Video of the week – Air New Zealand are leading the way again.  This time they have worked with IT service provider Dimension Data on unique software for Microsoft’s augmented reality viewer HoloLens.  The invisage HoloLens supporting cabin crew as they carry out their inflight duties by aggregating and displaying key customer information directly in front. This video shows the process to create this along with a demonstration in-flight –


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