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SEO & Social Media News 13 May 2017


Autumn is well and truly here in New Zealand, with the trees looking stunning in gold and red.  We hope you have all had a great week and that you enjoy this weekend’s Mother’s Day with family.  Here are our Five for Friday for this week:

A new feature by Google once again changes how your search results appear on mobile. This new interface is for local events and will show when you search for phrases such as “concerts this weekend”. Google will then display all the concerts that are happening in nearby locations.  The results will not only show the ongoing concerts but also scheduled events which are about to happen today, tomorrow and so on –

Researching how your competitors market on Instagram can help you find new ways to reach your shared customer base & help create an effective social media marketing strategy.  In this article, you’ll discover how exactly you can do this research –

As most of you are aware, local business listings are now crucial to being found on Google.  The problem is that Google frequently updates the rules & we often find businesses can go from ranking no 1 or 2 on local listings (maps) and then drop to 6 or 7.  The Google Possum update in 2016 made it more competitive for local businesses, since it’s now possible for a competitor to “beat you” at Local SEO and actually keep you from showing in the results. In cases like this, it is even more crucial for business owners to be aware of what their competitors are doing and how it’s impacting them.  Here is a great example of the complexities of Google & how a business had to ‘break Google guidelines’ to finally show on maps –

Home security cameras are nothing new, and linking these cameras to your phone is becoming quite common.  This latest device from Lighthouse, however, takes your home camera to the next level.  The device can monitor a room within your home and send the feed to your smartphone remotely. From within the mobile app, you can then search for events within historical footage. And if you want to set up a notification, you can arrange to be alerted when a key event occurs, like your kids coming home from school.  Check it out here –

Video of the week:  Don’t forget Mother’s day this weekend.  Here is an inspiring video showing Mums from around the world helping their kids achieve their dreams –