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Every Friday we post some of the latest news, findings and videos relating to SEO, Google adwords & social media marketing.  Here are our five for Friday for March 3rd 2017:

1. Your brand strategy is your key to to creating an image of your business within the present marketplace.  The strategy you choose can determine whether you’ll celebrate long-term success or not.  This Brandignity article looks at nine factors that could potentially bring your brand to the next level, check it out here:

2.  Facebook messenger is an easy & effective way for businesses to communicate with customers in a private, one-to-one, message.   This week Facebook Messenger announced some new policies for the Messenger Platform, you can read about these new policies on their blog here:

If you don’t currently use Facebook Messenger for your business, this Social Media Examiner article explains how it works and how you can engage with your customers using this platform –

3. This week Google Analytics announced changes that will make it easier to check your website’s performance.  If “you’ve just launched a website or feature” Google Analytics can now “provide updated insights as quickly as every 10 minutes”.  This means you can move faster to fix broken links, detect trends and react when things are popular.  Read more on the Google Analytics blog here:

4. Last year we shared a number of articles about the online success of video marketing, especially since Google started prioritising video in search results.  These 2 articles discuss video marketing trends for 2017 and tips for adding video to your social media marketing mix:

Trends –

Tips –

5. Video of the week:

Unfortunately Oscars 2017 will always be remembered for the ‘Best Film’ mix up.  What you might not have known is that this year, for the first time, a Virtual Reality (VR) film was nominated for Best Short Film.   The film was released by Google and is called “Pearl”.  It features  a young girl, her father and the family car over a number of years, following the pair as the girl grows from a youngster into a young lady ready to take her dad’s legacy forward.  The film is completely immersive with 360-degree animation that lets viewers explore the scenes on their phones, or VR device, as they look around in the car and find their own view of the story.  Check it out here: